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Claude F

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Ollie Brooke

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Episode 5

Monday 01.06.2015

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Robby Black

Monday 08.06.2015

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Monday 15.06.2015

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Don Carl

Monday 22.06.2015

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Sef Kombo

Monday 29.06.2015

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Soul Academy

Monday 13.07.2015

Episode 12
Tomek [ColourSound]

Monday 20.07.2015

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Monday 03.08.2015

Episode 15
The King of Sunday Morning

Monday 10.08.2015

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Monday 17.08.2015

Our Lovely DJs

Robby Black
Montreal, Canada

Deep House DJ since its inception :)

Ollie Brooke
Port Macquarie, Australia

I live in Australia and do some DJing and production. I like that I can share my output with folks who like it - hence this website :)


Cologne, Germany

Freaky Behaviour

Based in Leeds, UK

Soul Academy

Based in Manchester, England. Love spinning deep and tech house.

London, Great Britain

dINO rOSSI has nothing to tell you about themselves :)

Wicklow, Ireland

Re:squire has nothing to tell you about themselves :)


Couple of turntables and a mixer, that is all.

JP Blanchet
Madison, Wi United States

Coming from the streets of New York by way of the beaches of the Caribbean, JP Blanchet has been sharing his unique take on house and techno all over Wisconsin and Illinois for the last 15+ years, while helping bring some of the biggest house DJs to the Madison area, including opening for such luminaries as Stacy Kidd, Jesse Saunders, and Gene Farris. Enjoy these mixes from this staple of the Wisconsin house music scene!

Claude F

Claude F has nothing to tell you about themselves :)

Don Carl

So here's the deal. I'm a music lover hailing from South Africa. I run my own little dj crew called 4wardNext Entertainment and our residency is held at Afro Lounge. I love all types of house ,what I love to play though is mainly Nu Disco, Soul, Deep and Funky. Hoping that you like what I have to serve:)


I'm from Chicago. i reside in Los Angeles now :)

Allan Humphreys

Allan Humphreys has nothing to tell you about themselves :)

Tomek [ColourSound]
Newcastle/Sydney Australia

TOMEK (ColourSound S.A.S.H Deep House Australia) My first musical memory is of being a young kid taping my favourite songs off the radio onto cassette and editing. What a journey has taken place. Put simply, my musical evolution has been like a drug addiction. A passionate need and dedication to something that cant even be explained. It’s something that consumes you. It’s that place where you can go and practice a form of escapism that no one else can experience. Music. It’s my addiction. Early childhood influences for me started with Texas Country, Blues, Rock, Funk, Soul, Jazz and Classical. At 15, I got my first job working in a radio station, that saw me breakfast producing, operating radio panels and hosting a set called Partyzone, incorporating a mix of all things “get-together” on Saturday nights. By the time I was 17, a family influence led me into underground dance music. This introduced me to my first inspirations… John Digweed/Sasha, Paul Oakenfold, Underworld (Darren Emerson), Daft Punk, New Order, Massive Attack, The Crystal Method, Eric Morillo, Kerri Chandler, Nick Warren, Paolo Mojo, CJ Bolland, Norman Cooke, Roger Sanchez, Dj Sneak Dave Seaman, Danny Howells, Pete Tong, Todd Terry, Joey Youngman, Derrick Carter,Frankie Knuckles, Mark Farina, Jacob London, Bang Gang Deejays, Jaytech and Laurent Garnier. I started dj’ing in 2005 and by 2007 was playing mostly Indie/Electro in Clubs/Bars/Parties around town, but it didn’t take long to go back to my roots and love for more-deeper sounds. Whether it comes from Deep House, Indie Dance/Nu Disco, Tech-House, Progressive, Minimal, Techno and Breaks anything in between plus music with a taste of a deep melodic groove and a swerving bassline, will always be exposed in my sets, one way or another. My musical expedition has continued as a hobby for some time now, which has led me to have been lucky enough to warm up for and play alongside Mark Knight, Illya/Lamanex, Bang Gang Deejays, Robbie Lowe( SYD), Phil Smart, Trus’me, Uone, Jimi Polar, Yokoo, Nick McMartin, Ben Abrahams (Motion Theory Music) Defined By Rhythm, Owen Howells (UK), Terranova(FRA),Thomas Gandey , Mark Dynamix, Beni, Danni B, SASH Djs, Gabby and recently become a resident/co-founder at a monthly party ColourSound in Newcastle with legend Phil Smart throwing monthly parties with guests as well as special events like our 1st Birthday Lighthouse Open Air party at Nobbys Lighthouse in March 2015 with more events planned.. while regularly playing at events such as S.A.S.H Sydney (Also headlined under “We Like” series) , Burning Seed (Burning Man Australia), Crane Bar Sydney, Club 77 and .darkroom parties. I’ve also mixed DJ podcasts and mixed live for Radio shows for several internet/radio programs including Proton Radio, Deep House Australia (DHA) ,Deep House Space ,LUSH Sounds, Bliss Underground, Deep House Aficionado, Casting Out AU, Gelato Messina,This House Moves,Frequency(Mantra Collective)Fbi Radio

Richie Allen

DJ from Cork living in the land down under

Sef Kombo

London and I like music and radio broadcasting


Dale Stephen "a.k.a" BREVIL is an Australian DJ, producer, musician, promoter, and electronic music enthusiast, currently based in the Byron Bay, NSW area of Australia. Dale works locally, nationally and internationally as a DJ, musician and producer providing memorable experiences. His sets consist of balearic, dub, soul, funk, deep disco and house interspersed with his own lauded edits and original tracks.

Erefaan Pearce

Just a music lover who sometimes does a mix and makes a tune or two

Randy Locrotondo

DJ Randy Locrotondo Born in New York City and later moving to South Florida, Randy’s DJ career started back in the mid-80s as a mobile DJ spinning at house parties and local functions. His primary format at the time included Disco, Freestyle, and Bass until the discovery of “House.” He has lived in Florida for 36 years now and during this time has been a regular at many of South Florida’s premier establishments like: CLUB, DECO DRIVE, ELECTRA, ENIGMA, FLIX, KROME, LIVING ROOM, PUSSYCAT LOUNGE, BLUE MARTINI and numerous guest spots around the country. He also does his own podcast mix show at RL1200.PODOMATIC.COM He is best known for his funky eclectic style which covers a wide range of musical genres from FREESTYLE, FUNKY HOUSE, LOUNGE HOUSE, SOULFUL HOUSE, VOCAL HOUSE, and UNDERGROUND DISCO. His sets are musically-knowledgeable, yet unpretentious in their content. Randy has the ability to take you on a journey, from smooth Lounge House early in the evening to pumping high energy jams late into the night. It would be easy to say that his eclectic style has a way of swaying listeners to gravitate to the dance floor. Randy has also worked with local groups and charities in his area: Safe Space Families against Drunk Driving One Billion Rising against Domestic Abuse “Randy is an incredibly versatile DJ, with a deep understanding of the roots of dance music. His ability to read a crowd and to direct an atmosphere clearly demonstrates his gift for knowing what to play, and when to play it.” - Marco Guerra – Entertainment Manager, Blue Martini, Orlando, Florida You can get my mixes from

The King of Sunday Morning

Originally from London now in Sydney. Was there at the beginning and will be there at the end ... House music from dusk til dawn...

Luke Cousins

From Melbourne, Australia I love to dig 24/7 for music that brings a smile to a punters face when they hear it for the first time....Nothing beats that feeling really!!


Spaced-out cosmic post-punk balearic kraut funk italo disco-not-disco deep dubby electro house wave "Zyron is a schooldance DJ from the 80's, who unlike many DJs of today know the craftsmanship from a very basic level. He comes from the times when DJ was not something you wanted to become, you were just chosen to be it, because you had the records and the talent. His knowledge of music from the past is extremely vast, and unlike many other underground DJs he isn't snobbish and doesn't shun pop. His mixing style is smooth and organic like a living snake, and most of the time you can be sure you're in for a dreamy mystical journey of some kind, organic or robotic and everything inbetween. The most special trademark though is his unusual (dis)harmonic touch, which somehow pierces through not just the DJ mixes but his own music productions, I don't know if this is his selection or pitch settings, but it's unimitable. No other DJ sounds like that." /Joakim Cosmo


Been DJ-ing a while!

DJ Mysttik

I live on planet earth, West of Chicago. Home of house music. I play records, I make music and I also a father of 2 boys. They take most of my time. I have been blessed to play along side may great DJ's. I also love tacos!


(Bio's are pointless )

Daylesford - Australia

Originally from Brighton (England) but moved to Australia in '94. Got into House back in '87 and never looked back. Favourite genre is Deep Tech House but just love any good tune that works...

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