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deep house cat show tiger claw mix

by Deephousecat

07 March 2010
Just having some fun with the latest deep house releases ;-)

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1 Mister D Vs. Metropolis Vs. Andy Green - Intro Mash Up
2 SE62 - Wall Ride (Eddie C Remix) - Home Taping Is Killing Music
3 Outwave Project - Sunset On The Beach (Original Mix) - Big Blue Records
4 Tom Lown - That 6am Track - Sudup Recordings Promo
5 K-Bana - Chemistry (Alex V Remix) - Night Drive Music
6 Junior Gee - Waxing Lyrical (Original Mix) - Endemic Digital
7 Moza - Somewhere On Cuba - Support House Records Promo
8 Damon Vallero - Faces On Your Mirror - Downstream Records Promo
9 Soul Minority - P.A.R.T.Y. (Original Mix) - House Is The Cure
10 Maxxa - I Feel Deep (Original Mix) - Minimo Records

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* * * 1/2 Nicely done--great gathering mix

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