Pure House Music

pronto mix

by Deephousecat

30 October 2009
Named after a nice and steep ski run in Vail, CO. Enjoy! philE

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Tracklisting (11 Tracks)

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1 Darwin Chamber - Fright Night
2 Pablo Fierro - Mellow Man (Original Mix) - Elevation Recordings Promo
3 Alla Farmer - Deep Sweet Kiss (Esoul's To Russia With Love Remix) - Manuscript Records
4 6th Borough Project - Miss World (Soultourist Remix) - Delusions Of Grandeur
5 Spencer Gray Feat. Heather Johnson - Pillow Talk (La Version Du Projet Ananda Mix) - Loveslap Recordings
6 Heather Johnson - Happiness (Ananda Project Original Mix) - King Street Sounds
7 Addex and Blissphemy - Like A Record (Original Mix) - Toto recordings Promo
8 Marcelo Cruz Feat. Bacanito - Carlito's Keys (Original Mix) - DeepNsound Promo
9 Matter - Lampara (Original Mix) - House Of Beatz Records
10 tONKPROJECT - Long Drive (Danny Stott Remix) - Behaviors

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Hmmm, didn't really feel this one as much as the other Deephousecat mixes I've listened to, although I did like the 2nd and 6th tracks
(labeled 3 and 7 in the tracklisting).
Disco Helmut

very nice!!!!

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