Pure House Music

table tennis

by Marc Us

13 May 2009
Some deep house goodness

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1 Bernard Jones ft. Aren B - Main Ingredient - Atnarko's L8Night Sex Mix
2 Q-Burns Abstract Message - Shame - Atnarko Summer Mix
3 Hard Mix! - Feel So Good - Jerrier Modrow Instrumental / House Music Accapella
4 Nathan G ft Alexander East - Thang 4 U - Nathan G Luvbug Deeper Vocal
5 Atnarko - Get Down To Work It Out
6 Olivier Desmet & Oriental Funk Stew - Drunken - Littlemen Mix
7 Anhanguera - Funky Miracle
8 Nate Laurence & Scrubfish - The Freshest Kid
9 Who Knows - Meltdown / Back & Forth Accapella / Bigger Than Hip Hop Accapella
10 Santiago & Bushido - Get Me / Disco Papacy (Jibjab) Accapella

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very nice, not as deep as I was hoping but a nice funky mix, loved that Bobby
Ollie Brooke

Some good stuff nicely mixed. Stand out track Q-Burns ft Li'Sha - had not heard this remix b4, its cool!

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