Pure House Music

hoochie mamma

by Ollie Brooke

20 August 1970

Unfortunately this mix has been deleted because the URL for it is no longer availble

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1 Ollie Brooke - Intro
2 Jose Burgos & Druce Martinez - Hippsoul (Dub)
3 Fresh 27 - Butterfly
4 Spyhop - Domino (Layers of Sound Mix)
5 Bobkat Vs Codebreakers - Suntan (Joey Youngman Mix)
6 Crazy Penis - There's A Better Place (Majik J Remix)
7 Fresh Soldier - Track 2
8 Deep House Soldiers - Live It Up (Organ Dub)
9 Crazy Penis - You Are We (Ollie Brooke's Dub Vox Edit)
10 DJ Hal - Psyclone (Trevor Rockliffe Mix)

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Loved Butterfly and Domino - they're the dog's bollocks! Great mix...my cup of tea! Pooley is a good closing out track. Constructively, would have rated 5 if tracks 1&2 were omitted. Thanks and keep them coming......

...a realy realy realy good one ! one of my favorite mix on phm ;) thank you ;)
Rating: 5

nothing to say...I like the music you play...
Rating: 5
groovement inc

You should like this one because is one of the best mixes I`ve even heard. Don`t know how, but I like to listen this mix these days...
Inactive User

I still quite like this mix - but then I'm biased!
Ollie Brooke

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