Pure House Music

deep soulful sessions

by tendyfish

22 July 2009
Took me a while to come up with this mix, and i made it juss to show the world my side of the story when it comes to house music. This mix represents me , my feelings and my beliefs so when u listening to it and humming while nodding your head , juss know that you are feeling the Fish!. ...But dnt worry about track 8, its kinda jerky, i ddnt have a propely mastered one!

Unfortunately this mix has been deleted because the URL for it is no longer availble

Tracklisting (13 Tracks)

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1 Delorean Suite - Deep love [Dolls Combers mix]
2 Dragonfly - All the way [Sole Channel mix
3 The Rurals - Steps
4 Harley & Muscle feat Gerideau - Deeper love
5 AG Thomas - The 1,2 [ReelSoul mix]
6 Alix Alvarez feat Nate James - Not to mention
7 Vega feat Johnny Dangerous - London roots
8 Jolene - The DJ [Alix Alvarez mix]
9 Aaron Ross pres Rain People feat Marcus Begg - Trippin on love [Louis Benedetti mix]
10 Julie McKnight - Home [Knee Deep mix]

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Great Soul once again, liked it especially somewhere in the middle with Reelsoul - one hell of an artist! anyways this is the real, sober my kinda stuff...

Yep, damn nice, couple of the vocal tracks I didn't dig too much but only 1 or 2. the rest was a nice upbeat roll through soulful heat!
Rating: 3.5
Ollie Brooke

Love it!!!!!

lovely soulful vibe throughout. lot's of my faves in amongst this mix. top draw!

Got me Rockin'
Rating: 4.5

You made me like "deepr love" (I'm a little uncertain of that voice but it went down very well in this set). i noticed something that could be me or could be you; there's a rockin' feel in songs like "London Mist' and "Trippin on Love" that leaps out at me - we'll see if any of your fellow DJ's notice this. I think THAT is your style and not only that you should WORK it because no one else has got a handle on it the way you do. It's hammering over my head that that beat is YOU.

I like this, the feel of the beat seems a little inconsistent but the way you work that rockin' feel is AWESOME and made me very happy despite my feeling sick today. Keep Rockin' like that I love it!

Definetly worth the 4.0
Rating: 4.0

What can I say I just had me a Tasty FIsh.......... good freaking mix man I love the deep ass vibe you went with here...

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