Pure House Music

saturday morning

by tim parish

15 April 2008
I did this mix last Saturday after the initial coffee. Only few vocals used this time, but many tracks I heard here on PHM first. "Miss My Luv" won't match everyone's gusto I guess. :)

Unfortunately this mix has been deleted because the URL for it is no longer availble

Tracklisting (12 Tracks)

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1 Majestika - Twelve Inches Of Pleasure (Mind Magic Main Mix)
2 Kerry Chandler - I Think Of You (I Love More Bass Mix)
3 Gregory Del Piero - I Love You More
4 Yogi And Husky - The Random Soul EP (PJ Sessions)
5 Random Soul - We Gotta Move (Original Mix)
6 Andre Harris - What I Feel Inside (Main Vocal Mix)
7 Physics - The Most Beautiful Boy In Brazil
8 Fusion Groove Orchestra - The Dream (Part 1)
9 People - Rocket (Jeno's Stormy Weather Mix)
10 Knee Deep pres. Upper Class - Good For Da Hole

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love this, good feeling and pace,take your point re Miss My Luv', for me it's funk, straight up awesome tune

hit the wrong star rating this...........loved it

da mix suits the occasion
Rating: 4.5

Jazzy n Funky. love it !!!

smooth, smooth, smooth!!!
mark crumbs

The sweetness flows like the nectar from a field of Daisies as the House Bees collect the succulent juiciness for the King of House!
Rating: 4
Inactive User

well done
Rating: 4.5

So... i'm listening to this mix rather loudly at work today. I notice that i made it completely to the end of it with out any complaints from coworkers. I even hear the girl next to me (who is a rocker) tapping her toes. Very well done Mr. Parish. You've got my feeling the house bug again. thank you. it's been gone for a while. Good job Mixing was outstanding. agree with the dream- People transition.

Hey Tim, Saturday Morning made it directly into my favourites folder! Very good choice of tracks and a good mixture of classics and new tracks. Thanks for the awesome work!! Weiter so!! I voted 5 out of 5!!
Sir Peter

i appreciate this feeling based selection.. its for 'everyday morning'.. good good !!


wow! Loved this mix right from beginning to end! I listened to this yesterday for my last hour of work and it make it great! Very deep, smooth and Funky. My favourite part of the mix was between 25 and 31 minutes and 40 and 54 minutes. I'll be checking more of Tim out soon! See on PrePartyRadio today BRO!!!!
Rating: 4.5
Aaron Bradley

very good choice of tracks! I´m lovin´ it.
nice jazzy house.
good work

great mix...... I loved it...
Rating: 4

great choice of traks ! thank you for this mix ;)
Rating: 5

Wicked mix here Tim, as you know there's plenty of tracks I love on there and really dug "Miss My Luv" too. Loved the way you dropped it down to bring in Rocket - People and also will be purchasing The Dream fo shizzle!
Ollie Brooke

Just started it up and dig it already... nice jazzy house.

ok had a full listen at a rahter loud volume,
gotta say this mix got better as it went along, really love the andre harris track, an arange muse has been a big fav of mine recently, handt herd the funk dub version so thanks for showing me that one.
miss my luv gave me thought of when i first started spinning records, an the good late night sessions with the BBC,
great mix, thanks heaps for sharing
Kenith Copeland

started listening an im loving the first 3 tracks, my browser quit for some reason, so its now on the d/l so will post more once i hear it in full, but really loving what i've herd so far, nice work
Kenith Copeland

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